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At Camo’s we are passionate about food. When we set out to bottle our dressings and oils our aim was to produce a restaurant quality product. We blend the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the fresh herbs and other delicious goodies in small batches so we can keep a close eye on them. So go on treat yourself and enjoy the magic of Camo’s at home.

Camo’s Honey & Mustard salad dressing is a firm family favourite due to the combination of sweet & tangy flavours. A few simple, pure ingredients is all that Camos need to make this tasty creamy Honey & Mustard dressing transform even the plainest salad. Though locally sourced honey is one of the main ingredients, this delicious dressing is not overly sweet and can be used as a dip or marinade for chicken, veg or salads or why not try it to slow roast some veg or pour over some fish (we recommend fresh hake, cod or salmon -), pop it in a very hot pre heated oven and serve with a golden baked potato just like we do in the restaurant!

Other delicious uses:
Use as a glaze for pork or bacon and serve with roasted veg and baked potato as above.
Marinade or glaze some chicken and simply pop it under the grill until its golden brown & glistening.

Camo’s Balsamic & Honey salad dressing is the perfect balance of sweet & sharp. This delicious rich dressing is perfectly complemented by undertones of sweetness from the generous helpings of honey added, making it an amazing addition to almost any salad type. We love it with any salad containing cheese- buff mozzarella, goats cheese or feta with a generous helping of walnuts, apple and maybe some grapes.

Other delicious uses:
Why not marinade slices of fresh plump vine tomatoes, tear up and add some mozzarella, red onion & fresh basil leaves. Mix together and place a generous spoon on top of your favourite toasted bread, pop it into the over or under the grill for a wonderful, crunchy, sweet & tangy treat!

Camo’s spiced apple chutney is packed full of goodness and yes, you guessed it.. apples! A hint of cinnamon and a light dusting of spice cayenne pepper give it a little bit of a kick, allowing this award winning chutney to be the perfect blend of sweet & sour. An amazing addition to any cheese board, burger or sandwich or why not try it with roast pork or pork chops for your Sunday dinner!

Did you know: Camo’s chutney earned the coveted ‘Best in Farmer’s market ’ award AND a silver in the world renowned BlásnahEireann awards in 2018.

Other uses:
Use with Falafel, or with a curry or even with a midnight feast of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Camos soft , richly flavored’ the sticky sweetness of these caramelised onions so irresistible and are the perfect accompaniment to any cheese, cold meats , pates and terrines also making a great base for savory tarts . Lovely on top of steak of your favorite pizza or burger . They can be play a staring roll on a brochette with a little wedge of cheese and grill , can give pasta sauces just that write amount of depth and character . On a simple sandwich the deep sweetness goes a long way to making it into something decadent

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